Friday, December 31, 2010


There were a couple of things that I've been wanting to write about in the past few months but then I kept putting it off because I couldn't think of enough things to write about each of them. So today it occurred to me the best way to get the ideas out of my head would be to just compile those little thoughts together into one post. That way I could write as little about them as I wanted without having strange 5-line posts on my blog. So here goes...

a. It is so hard to BEGIN writing a post. The first few lines never seem to sound impressive & I'm never sure of how much of context to provide or what to say by means of explanation & when to stop. Given my tendency to ramble, that is certainly a concern. Also of concern is how my attention tends to waver in between. Come to think of it, it is hard to begin writing anything!

b. We (the so called 'youth) like to criticise soaps for their drama & unrealistic story lines. We (or maybe just I) are put off by the sobbing wives/daughters-in-law, the feuding families, the inter-familial rivalry, the break-ups, the getting back together, the re-births & the makeovers & post cosmetic surgery formations etc. But, the same fare dished up by reality shows is lapped up? We want the drama, every unbelievable, sickening bit of it so long as some (even though unknown) person can ratify it to be the true story of real people. As an aside, some of those real people come across as unbelievably mentally unstable. So for all our criticism of housewives who religiously tune into soaps, how are we with (with our advanced sense of voyeurism) any different? How's that for hypocrisy?

c. If Politics, Bollywood & Cricket were the top three topics of conversation for the average Indian; sickness would be next on the list. (Actually, even if they were not the favourite topics of conversation, sickness would still be a favourite topic!). And not just sickness of the self but also of our neighbours, friends siblings, parents, grandparents, spouses, in-laws, grand in-laws so on & so forth.

Such conversations typically entail detailed descriptions of the symptoms, methods of diagnosis, the listener's opinions on cures, recounting experiences of other people with similar ailments (usually, by the listener), discussions on the actual cures prescribed by the doctors & recommendations of other doctors who could be consulted.

d. People don't listen to what one says. They assume what the other person is about to say & hear only those parts that fall in line with their assumptions. And this whole complex process of guessing & 'hearing' is somehow accomplished in a fraction of a second!?!

That sort of rounds up things I can think of now... So that's 'The End' for this post now.