Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Complicating Simplicity...

Often when people seem to land up in what seems to be a mess, they try and brush off explaining how they landed up ending in that mess in the first place. Their excuse- "It's too complicated... You won't understand."

Well, that may be a fair accusation to make, but recently, something prompted me to wonder if things always had to take on these mammoth, 'complicated' forms? The irony of it is that the 'thing' in question that actually prompted me to start wondering was in itself, quite trivial. After days of being swamped with work, I actually had a relatively free-er (if that's a word) day today. So decided to do some of the small things that I usually don't get around to doing when I'm 'busy'. One of them was to read a friend's blog (must admit, that I had received a subtle hint to do so a few days back). This was something that was long-due and this I realised by the number of new posts on his blog. While reading, I got so engrossed in the whole thing that I went to the extent of leaving comments on 3 of the 4 posts I read! Yes, I did not make them all nice and sugary... there was some "pixie-ishness" involved, but well... what would I be without these moments of mine?. Just as I was done writing one of the comments, this person came online and in my excitement of a job well done, I pinged him to let him know that I had read his blog and left a comment on it. And what followed is best explained through the reproduction of our conversation:

"Me: Reading your blog now. You've added quite a bit from the last time I read it...
Siddhant: wow, really?
me: Quite impressive, I say
Siddhant: yup... i feel so nice.."

This pretty much is the essence or the basis of what I wanted to write in this post. Most of us, me included, find it very easy to label a thing as being too complicated to explain, but in reality, we don't really want to try. We tend to forget that the beauty of life isn't in it's complications but in it's simplicities!

It's funny how something as innocuous as reading what someone wrote and writing a comment or making a 5 minute call or simply saying a "Hi!" to an old friend can make some one's day suddenly seem nicer (even though, only the fag end of the day is left). That's the irony of it! Something so simple and yet so... rarely done (if I may state it that way).

It's very much like what a prof. once described an "insight" to be. Obvious once pointed out of but barely realised when not. Well then if it's so simple to make someone feel nice, why do we not do it more often. Maybe, it's because we take so many things for granted. We're so caught up in the web of going the 'extra mile' and doing something special or extraordinary for the people we're fond of that we fail to do the small things. The trouble then is that without the small things in place, the 'big' things can't really fall in. This can best be described by the book's title "Small is beautiful," and beautiful it is indeed.

This may seem unconnected, but it's a thought that came into my mind while writing the last paragraph. Maybe, we like keeping things complicated. That probably explains why I turned a trivial, innocuous little statement ("You made my day") into such a philosophical (and at times, repetitive and redundant) spiel. Maybe... the true simplicity of a thing lies in how complicated it can be construed to be!