Monday, February 8, 2010

Below is something that my Mom recently wrote (after a really long hiatus). I really liked it and so am putting it up.

Power is yours if you let it go
If you let it show
If you let it flow…
Just give it a start
With all of your heart
Give it your best shot
And it will never part
You've got the power

Did is a word of achievement
Won't is a word of retreat
Might is a word of bereavement
Can't is a word of defeat
Ought is a word of duty
Try is a word of the hour
Will is a word of beauty


Sunday, February 7, 2010

Little Things Along The Way...

I'm not sure what this post will turn out to be, but when I started it, it was with the intention of trying to pen down the year that went by and the little things I learnt along the way...

Nothing is constant. Not circumstances. Not options. Not people. Not choices. Not friends. Not feelings. Not even change. They say "Death is the only constant".

Emotions can be treacherous... They betray even the best of intentions.

Going with the flow, instead of fighting it, has brought its share of advantages.

Restlessness is beginning to become second nature.

Re-discovered old friends who were there when needed. Some old friends became better friends. Some friends I began to understand better. Some began to understand me better. Some I've stopped trying to understand. Some grew distant. And some new-found friends felt like old friends.

Learnt from a friend to appreciate that I was indeed lucky to have parents like mine. Parents, whose presence, has allowed me to experiment with choices which may or may not be the best, but which allow me the opportunity to learn from them on my own terms. Thank you S. for that conversation a long time back and thank you Pa & Ma for letting me learn without feeling pressurised to show results.

It takes a lot of humility to try changing things. This I learnt from my sister who's shown a maturity far beyond her age in allowing things to affect her and then reacting upon them in a publicly visible way instead of pretending to be a tough cookie and not a 'sentimental fool.'

It is not important to know things. It is more important that people understand and know what you know. A friend recently pointed out that he wouldn't read what I'd written in my blog because he couldn't understand it. Though, the fact that he didn't seem to want to make the effort to read what I'd written did annoy me initially, his criticism was completely valid.

The amount of time you've known a person is not proportional to how well you know him/her.

People are difficult to understand. Men think women are complicated. Women would love a manual on how to understand men. Older people wish youngsters had their priorities more sorted. Youngsters wish older people would empathise more. Bosses think their juniors are shirking. Subordinates think their bosses are interfering... In short, mayhem!

Every second person can write. Every third wants to do their own thing (professionally) and among them, every second person wants to open a restaurant/bistro/cafe. :P
[Disclaimer: The statistics are not accurate, but to me they seem to be... :) ]

Nobody wants to be the first or the last... It seems to be the season of weddings now and this certainly is on my mind as much as it is on my friends'.

Hard as we may try, there are some mistakes that we cannot help but repeat.

When one has lost touch with a friend, it may not be because either has grown apart from the other. It may just be that both don't know how to break the silence beause they're afraid of how the other would react or what to expect. Each one would rather the other took the first step.

And finally, summing up with words from a song that's playing on the radio now, as I write...

"Old enough to look back at my mistakes
Young enough to look at my future and like what I see..."